November 8, 2007

More Goodies on eBay

As I discussed in an earlier post, many if not most of my older Civil War book purchases are acquired through eBay. Sometimes, I just like to browse through the listings to see what's garnering the bulk of other folks' attention. Tonight, two items are standing out. The first is a rare 2-volume set of a Jefferson Davis memoir written by his second wife (Varina Howell Davis) that was published in 1890. It appears to be in not the greatest condition. According to the seller's listing, "This book is filled with the details and incidents during his captivity, concerns of his health, combined with conversations on topics of public interest. Filled with 1,638 very informative pages of the Confederate President's military and personal life, as told directly from his wife, this set is not only a history of the War but also a statement of personal knowledge of Jefferson Davis' character." As I write this, the item has generated 17 bids with the high bid at $152.50. Broadfoot's Civil War Books: A Priced Checklist (5th and most recent ed., 2000) shows the book at $225.

The other lot will be more common to most. It's ten original 1st editions and first printings of the Campaigns of the Civil War from the late 1800’s in beautiful condition. The gilt lettering and top edges appear just as fresh as the day they were published. So far, the set has 20 bids but with of a high bid of only $100.

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