January 21, 2008

Poll Results

The results are in for my far-from-scientific poll pertaining to what types of ACW books visitors to this blog like to read. Here are the results:
Campaign or battle tactical studies 7 (35%)
Biography 3 (15%)
Social Issues 0 (0%)
Soldier's letters, diary, or memoir 5 (25%)
Modern interpretive studies 3 (15%)
Regimental histories 2 (10%)
I'm generally not one for prognostications, but in this case, I predicted the first and last place finisher right on the money. As others have written, it appears that most readers like to smell the powder in their Civil War reading; clearly being more interested in what happened than why. It appears that learning about the "what and where" is almost as interesting coming from the soldiers' pens themselves as modern historians. The battlefield is what interests them, obviously not home front or emancipation issues.

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