April 10, 2008

Passing of the Armies - UPDATE

Looks like my comment in the below post that Broadfoot's $500 estimate for this book is now a bit low was right on the mark. The pictured copy was sold at the Bloomsbury's auction mentioned in my April 1 post with a hammer price of $650. The winning bidder actually ended up paying $780 when you factor in the 20% buyer's premium. Bloomsbury's pre-sale estimate was $300 - $400.


Anonymous said...

First time I have seen this site. Thank you for your time. Reading about Chamberlain's "Passing of the Armies", I would like to add that the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago sold an original copy with dust jacket for $1500. I wrote them regarding my copy without dust jacket and they estimated the price at $750. So you are on the money!!That was maybe three years ago. Bill Hockinson

Paul Taylor said...

Thanks Bill. It is certainly a desirable book!!