September 3, 2008

"Blue and Gray Weekly"

Today's mail brought a fat catalog for an upcoming Bloomsbury Auction. It is presented as The Bibliophile Sale and will he held in New York on September 17 - 18. There are 803 lots across all categories with the highlight being the Fred M. Meyer Collection of L. Frank Baum and Related Oziana. If The Wizard of Oz is your thing, you won't want to miss this one. There are also 32 lots of Civil War material, mostly signed documents, autographs and photography.

One lot in particular that caugt my eye is a 32-issue run of Blue and Gray Weekly (pre-sale estimate of $1000-$1500). These issues of this children's periodical appeared from August 12, 1904 through March 17, 1905 with titles from "Off to the War" to "Forced to Surrender."

Having recently read Gary Gallagher's Causes Won, Lost, & Forgotten, it is obvious that the illustration of the pictured item falls in neatly with the Reconciliation Cause described in Gallagher's book, which was the predominant theme from that era.

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