October 7, 2008

Tomorrow Night in Columbus, Ohio

I'll be speaking tomorrow night (Wed.) before the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable in Columbus, Ohio. The topic pertains to my first book on the Civil War in Florida. Hope to see you there and let me know if you're a visitor to this blog!


Harry said...


Enjoy your time with the COCWRT, they're good guys and gals. If you get into town early enough, try to get over to the Motts Military Museum - you'll be glad you did.

Paul Taylor said...


I had a great time! Lots of good folks, and since I told them I was a Browns fan, they gave me a pass for being from Michigan. :o)


Tim said...


A belated thanks for your recent visit to our roundtable. An interesting topic presented in an informative and entertaining manner. Hope we can have you back again in the future.

Tim Maurice

Paul Taylor said...

Thanks Tim!