May 18, 2010

Orlando M. Poe Book Discussion

My "virtual booksigning" interview on March 27 at Chicago's Abraham Lincoln Bookshop with owner Daniel Weinberg has now been posted in four parts on their Recent Signings page.

These interviews and booksignings are initially presented live via webcam and offer the viewer an opportunity to ask questions and watch their book being signed; all while in their skivvies at home!


Jim Schmidt said...

Paul - Well done! Watched all 4 parts during short breaks during the work day today (definitely not in my skivvies, though!). I was VERY IMPRESSED with your ready knowledge so that you could ably answer Dan's great questions and offer direct quotes even. You are a great example of why this format works so well. Hope it was a success for you! Jim

Paul Taylor said...

Thanks Jim! It was a lot of fun.