October 16, 2010

State History Award!

Last night I had the privilege and honor of receiving another award for my biography of Orlando M. Poe. The Historical Society of Michigan bestowed their State History Award in their Commercial and University Press Books category at their annual conference and banquet in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Though this is my fifth book overall, it is the first to be published by a university press. In looking back over the publishing timeline, it’s easy to see that the peer review process utilized by Kent State University Press was invaluable in making the final product a more complete work. In retrospect, the critiques and suggestions offered by the University’s outside reviewers were simply priceless. Even though the publishing timeframe was longer than what I initially expected, the result was obviously well worth the wait. So thanks Kent State, for accepting this work and helping to shape it into an award-winning book!


Jim Schmidt said...

Paul - Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. I could not agree more on the benefits of the university press review process. One of my books went through the Univ Press of KY "reader" process and though I did not get a contract in the end, the feedback I got back made the final product with another publisher all the better. Best Wishes for Continued Success and Recognition, Jim

Paul Taylor said...

Thanks Jim! Because of what I learned, I plan on going that route into the future.