December 25, 2010

Santa brought me...

... a copy of The New York Times Complete Civil War 1861-1865, which is a new, massive coffee-table reference work of all the Civil War reporting from this then-Republican leaning newspaper during the ACW. Included with the 500+ page book is a fully searchable DVD-Rom of every article that was published during that era. Profusely illustrated with scores of footnotes by editors Harold Holzer and Craig Symonds, this wonderful work is a must-have for any Civil War researcher or author.

All those trips to the local library to examine roll after roll of Civil War-era NY Times microfilm hopefully just ended. With books like this, the proliferation of Google Print, and the continued online digitization of manuscript material, I think the day is fast approaching, if not already here, where an author will be able to write a scholarly book without ever leaving his/her office.

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