February 2, 2012

Google Books - What's Up?

Is it just me or is it all of a sudden more difficult to use Google Books for searching through old books? Used to be you would type in a title or keywords and and multiple pages of stuff would pop up. If something interesting was either a full or limited preview offering, you'd click the link and the actual page images would immediately appear in the browser window. Now my desktop screen is just blank and I have to make several more clicks to open either a text view, or a pdf or tell the system some other crap. What am I missing or doing wrong?


Ron Baumgarten said...

Not sure what you may be doing wrong--but likely nothing! I have been having multiple problems recently with Google Books, which is a shame, considering how much I rely on it when doing research. I would be interested if anyone knows what led to this apparent redesign.

Paul Taylor said...

Ron - Thanks for checking in. Now it seems some public domain books are showing up as usual, others still with nothing. I'm expecting the day when one will need a Google "subscription" to access their online books, whether public domain or not.

It's always like that line in the Tom Petty song, "How much will you pay for what you used to get for free?"