December 6, 2007

Battle of Shepherdstown - NEW Small Press book

Schroeder Publications of Lynchburg, Virginia has just published the first-ever book length study of the neglected battle at Sheperdstown, West Virginia. This new work by Thomas A. McGrath is titled Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign September 19-20, 1862 and also presents a foreword by historian Thomas Clemens and preface by publisher Patrick A. Schroeder. This 251-page hardcover explains the events that occurred on the banks of the Potomac near Shepherdstown, West Virginia as the last battle of the Antietam Campaign, which has also been known as the battle at Boteler's Ford. Photographs, illustrations, and maps help round out the author's narrative.

For those in the area, the Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association has announced that they are holding a benefit dinner on December 13 at the Clarion Hotel in Shepherdstown to celebrate the publication of this book. Click here for more information, including how to obtain signed copies. I've learned that 750 copies comprise the first printing, so collectors may not want to wait too long on this one. Get a signed copy through the SBPA and support a good cause.


Drew W. said...

I can never pass up small battle studies regardless of theater. I just got this one in the mail a few days ago. It looks good.

Also, thanks to your heads up, I have the Decatur book. Without your post I probably wouldn't have heard about it until used copies were floating around at twice the retail price. One of my favorite bookish thing to do is search out local publishing for things like this.


Paul Taylor said...


My pleasure.... We're definitely on the same page re local publishing efforts. The Decatur book looks good even if it's at the bottom of an ever-growing reading pile!