December 8, 2007

Civil War Soldiers Home

Talk about an obscure topic. Just when you think every possible angle of the war has been covered, someone comes along to dispel the thought. In keeping with my affinity for local publishers covering local history, I've learned that author Robert Yott has released an updated version of his history of the Bath, New York soldiers home, which was initially built in 1872. According to this article, the home "was deemed vital for New York's Civil War veterans who, falling hard times, had been forced to live in veterans' homes located in other states. Not surprisingly, the Legislature incorporated the institution without committing any funds for its construction." Yott serves both as author and publisher of the book, which originally went on sale in 2006.

"Two hundred copies went like that," he said, adding he has printed 1,000 copies of the book to date.

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