August 27, 2008

My Book Collecting Interview at Civil War Network

My full interview on Civil War book collecting with Francis Rose of the Civil War Network has now been posted online at that site in podcast format. Other interviewees include James McPherson discussing "On the Battlefield," Harry Smeltzer's "Bull Runnings," Jenine Culligan of the Huntington WV Museum of Art, and Dr. Carroll Van West on “Civil War Trails: Fighting for the Rails." Hope you like it!


Jim Schmidt said...

Paul - I thought your interview was just terrific. Very informative! One things I wished you could have talked about (and maybe you can address it on your blog) is the importance (or not?) of annotated bibliographies such as Eicher's, etc., in helping you discriminate the reliability, readibility, etc. of the books themselves.

All My Best,

Jim Schmidt

Paul Taylor said...

Thanks for the kind words. I like your suggestion and will address it in an upcoming post!

Francis Rose said...

To Jim, thanks for listening, and to Paul, thanks for being on the show! I appreciate your time to do it. Best, Francis

Paul Taylor said...


It was my pleasure. Best wishes for your blog's future success!