August 11, 2008

Two NEW Battle Books of Note

Two renowned Civil War authors have just published new studies of major Civil War campaigns. It is obvious that the internet and email have helped uncover scores of primary source documents that were previously hidden to scholars working in the "old school" days of snail mail and post cards. All of which benefits the Civil War student with modern studies such as these, which are not merely a rehash of old, classic works, but contain many new, previously untapped sources that allow for fresh interpretations.

Noah Andre Trudeau offers Southern Storm: Sherman's March to the Sea, a hefty, 688-page tome from Harper Collins that retells that famous general's legendary campaign. This one is now available.

In a few short weeks, Peter Cozzens and the University of North Carolina Press will give us Shenandoah 1862: Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign, which comes in at an equally solid 644 pages.

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Kevin M. Levin said...

I am reading the Cozzens book right now and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Kevin @ Civil War Memory