September 24, 2009

Back in the Saddle

After close to a year of sabbatical, I’ve decided to revisit my love of old and rare Civil War books via this blog. While the reasons I set it aside for awhile still exist, the blogging “itch” has returned. The difference this time is that I no longer feel compelled to post every few days. After all, there are quite a few Civil War-oriented blogs that I routinely visit who post only on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis.

As before, my focus will be on rare or uncommon Civil War first editions that appeal to collectors of such books. If you consider yourself an avid bibliophile who is afflicted with "the gentle madness,” then you know what I mean. Of course, like any blogger, I reserve the right to offer my two cents on whatever topic du jour may be floating around the blogosphere at a given time. :-) For the most part, this site will not be a review of just-published titles, unless the book is somehow of special interest to collectors. If you’re looking for that kind of resource, then I happily refer you to Drew Wagenhoffer’s excellent blog. First up will be a review of the unusually scarce Memoirs of Henry Heth. Look for it in a few days. Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Everyone will welcome your insights, whenever you feel the urge to post.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, What a pleasent surprise. Your blog has been missed! I've been checking in on occasion ever since you took a well deserved break. I look forward to your postings.

Tim Maurice

Paul Taylor said...

Thank You! I hope it's as much fun as the first time around.