September 30, 2009

What Does Your Bookcase Say About You?

Interesting BBC article here.

"The books we choose to display in our bookcases say a lot as to how we want others to see us," says Mr Sandico. "People who want to appear to have serious or academic reading tastes display their classics, while keeping popular novels at the back of the bookcases."

So what does it say to you when you walk into someone's home and you see a roomful of books? How about homes where there are no books whatsoever?

Personally, I love Cicero's quote that says (paraphrased) "a library is the soul of a home."


dw said...

Great article. What does my bookcase say about me? Disorganized.


Paul Taylor said...

My wife would probably say that my bookcase screams "uptight and anal." A place for every book and every book in its place, I say. :-)

Don Gallagher said...

Hello Paul, good to see you back. Great article.I have 17 of those "Billy" bookcases in a row with most of my Civil War collection.

Jason Grubbs said...

I believe it was in one of the Nero Wolfe novels when the literary detective commented to a guest admiring his book collection, "I like to surround myself with works that merit period revisiting". The quote resounded with me and has served as a touchstone guiding the organization of my own collection.