February 6, 2008

You Just Never Know!

I've been on a business trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula over the past several days. While in Marquette, I discovered a book store that had a nice selection of new, used, and remainder books. With an hour to kill, I decided to check it out.

Northern Michigan is not what I would have thought was strong Civil War country, nevertheless the shop had a very nice selection. Nestled in there was a like-new 1st edition of Russel Beatie's second volume on the Army of the Potomac entitled McClellan Takes Command, September 1861 - February 1862. The price was only 10 bucks so I bought it. I walked briskly to my car to get out of the 20 degree weather and once there, decided to take a closer look at my purchase. To my surprise, the book also contained a warm inscription and signature from the author which, of course, only adds to any 1st edition's desirability! You just never know what will turn up in unexpected places!

Beatie's history of the AOP high command currently consists of three volumes and have received immense critical acclaim. Some claim that they are now the standard works on the topic.


Kim said...

Interesting blog subject... I just wanted to add, the U.P. is sort of Civil War country, because the war is one main reason why the area's iron mines boomed in the 1850s. Well, that and the opening of the Soo Locks :) I think miners from Negaunee also made up at least one company for Michigan in the war.

I know which bookstore you must have gone to; they're one of my favorite places, and often have signed copies sitting around the stacks. Don't know how they find them, but it's great.

~Kim in Marquette :)

Paul Taylor said...

Kim, thanks for your comments! I live in MI well "below the bridge" and this was my first trip to Marquette. I will be back! I found it a charming, hospitable town. Really enjoyed my stay at the Landmark Inn.