January 14, 2008

A Book Lover's Poll

I have often wondered what types of Civil War books others like to read, so I've set up a brief poll at the left of the screen. It will run for a week. Remember, no blue or red in this poll, just blue and gray. Thankee.


Michael C. Hardy said...

Paul - I like the poll. But, just getting to pick one is hard.


Paul Taylor said...

Thanks Michael. Life's full of tough choices! :-) Paul

Unknown said...


It is an interesting poll indeed. I'd respectfully suggest a few more categories (logistics, economic aspects, medicine, etc.), but as specialized studies I don;t know that they'd garner a large vote anyway. Among the choices you've provided, the soldier's letters topic is becoming my favorite, as I'm becoming an advocate of "bottom-up" history in many eras.

Another interesting question might be to see if people's favorite subject has changed over time. For my part, I ate up campiagn/battle histories when I first started reading about the war in earnest, but rarely pick them up now.

Keep up the great work!

Jim Schmidt